Hi guys! This is Amanda Carvalho, but people over the internet know me as Mandy, your pleasure =) I'm 31-years-old, based in São Paulo, Brazil. My degree is in Digital Design and I've acquire almost 10 years of work experience.
I'm a nerd crazy who loves pixel art, Mario Bros, Harry Potter and Adventure Time. Always seeking for books and geek stuff. Passion for good, functional and clean design. I'm very into spirituality, cosmos and the universe, if that matters for something for you hehe
My hobbies are reading and studying, drawing, singing and eating (to eat certainly is an activity lol).

If you want to get in touch with me, you can e-mail me, even if it's just to say hi!
what I do
Over the years working as a Designer, I had the opportunity to enhance my skills in many different challenges and areas, that is hard to detail each one of them. So, to make it simple, my work can be scaled following this:

As an Art Director, I could work within solid projects involving branding and key visuals in general, working closely with the design systems and exploring the most of my creativity.

Graphic design
Regarding printed design and general graphic arts, I could learn the nuances of a great visual aligned with solid knowledge in file closing.

User Experience (UX) / User Interface (UI) / Product Designer
The last few projects I got involved with, I had a solid background and work experience going through UI / UX methodologies, in which I could (most of the time), work as a Product Designer and being familiar with the step by step that those areas requires.

My first experience in the area of design, was actually as a front-end developer (believe it or not haha) since I learn most of what I know today of HTML / CSS / jQuery, spending hours in front of a computer, digging articles over the internet. This helped me to have a clear vision of 'what I can or cannot do' in Web Design and also, be very collaborative with Developers Teams.

Digital Medias
I call digital medias, because I lack of a better description. Here I mean general digital pieces, such as social medias, animated gifs, e-mail marketing and so on. Over the course of all of those years, I can do any of those with my arms on my back.

Team Leader
I had two experiences working as a Head of Design, that taught me many things of how to work as a leader, conducting a team towards success and being able to always focus on the solution to a problem and not only on the problem itself - making me being a flexible, versatile and focused professional, better than I used to be.
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